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From a young age, Caterina Ravaglia, Italian-born model and co-founder of Kate Cate, was inspired by the “escape” — whether heading into the country for the weekend or flying to a far-flung destination on holiday.
As a nomad herself (Ravaglia lived abroad from ages 16 to 22), she relied upon fewer, more versatile accessories that’d make optimal use of the space in her suitcase — especially those with a provocative, feminine edge.

Then, she visited home in Italy for a month in 2017 and fell in love while there — an experience that inspired her to start her eponymous accessories brand, Kate Cate.
Starting with an assortment of shoulder straps, Kate Cate quickly expanded into belts, shoes, and bags, all of which are designed to infuse personality into your favorite casual basics.

By adhering to a vision of the wearer’s happy place — no matter where that locale may be — Kate Cate’s off-duty accessories have been picked up by It-girls like Anne Hathaway, Gigi Hadid, and Khloe Kardashian.
Its design codes are the definition of old-meets-new, reconciling emerging trends with generations-old Italian craftsmanship, which artisans across the country continue to keep alive today.
From employing thousand-year-old straw braiding techniques to using vegetable tanned leathers, Kate Cate upholds a slower, more considered approach to the edgy accessories that modern woman rely on today.


The spirit of restoration is a core part of Kate Cate’s DNA. The brand is committed to reusing every item that comes into the warehouse, repurposing fabric scraps by creating new, unique items, from pet goods to phone holders.

All of Kate Cate’s products and packaging are 100 percent plastic-free. The accessories themselves feature a combination of straw, leather, and metal components. As is the case with all materials utilized. the brand’s metals are produced locally — specifically in Milan and Florence — using 100 percent brass. Not only is brass a more durable material than widely-used Zamak; much of the world’s brass is also recycled, making it the most luxe, durable and sustainable option.

As for its leathers, all cow leathers utilized in Kate Cate products come from the food chain, sourced exclusively from countries across the EU that prioritize animal welfare by following safe, ethical husbandry and slaughtering regulations.
They’re then tanned with natural, plant-based tannins, which come from renewable sources, are rich in antioxidants, and wield antibiotic and antibacterial properties. Kate Cate works with a traditional Tuscan leather tannery that has been audited by the Leather Working Group, as a means of ensuring the environmental impact of its leathers.

All Kate Cate pieces are architected in fair trade factories across the Italian peninsula. Each worker is legally hired and covered by national labor regulations — and above that, they’re treated as part of the Kate Cate family.
The majority of artisans employed are female, many of whom work from home so that they are able to care for their families while making a living wage.

By keeping production local, we have been able to take an active role in the day-to-day operations, ensuring that all staff operates in safe working conditions and that all garments uphold the highest quality standards.


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